Spiritual/Therapeutic Coaching

With a focus on growth and healing of mental, spiritual, and emotional health, 11th Hour offers spiritual/therapeutic coaching.

Therapeutic Coaching

Coaching aimed toward healing and growth of individuals and couples.

Individuals 1 hr $30

Couples 1 hr $50

Tarot Reading

Using whichever deck the client is drawn to, the tarot reading will give an overview and provide insight on life themes and situations using the symbols and archetypes presented in the cards.

Simple spread (3-6 cards) $20

Relationship spread $25

Detailed spread (7-10+ cards) $30

Therapeutic Tarot

Examine the subconscious mind and spirit centralized around themes presented from the tarot spread.

1hr $40

Background and Education

Lilith Rose has been working in the mental health field for over 13 years. A qualified mental health professional (QMHP) with a Master of Arts in mental health counseling, Lilith now enjoys combining her love and interest of spirituality into her coaching methods. Currently completing her PhD in human services, Lilith Rose plans to continue her use of spiritual and therapeutic coaching services in her community and around the world.

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