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Actor Omar Bullock: A Closer Look

Actor Omar Bullock and I crossed paths by chance when we were both brought to an online acting class through an ad on Instagram. The class held, by HV Films and led by Guyviaud Joseph, proved to be invaluable and full of many talented actors. I’ve had the honor of witnessing the drive, work ethic, and skill from one of the talented actors over the past few months, Omar Bullock.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Omar describes being brought up in a supportive family home with his grandparents after the untimely passing of his mother when he was 6. Throughout his childhood, Omar was “the shy kid” but had a talent for making others laugh with his comedic impressions. Omar recalls being frequently asked to “do the Bernie Mac” from fans of his impersonations. Although he enjoyed getting into character to make others laugh, it wasn’t until he was much older that Omar discovered his passion for acting.

After trying his hand at various jobs including sales and personal training, Omar was still undecided with his profession. When asked who has been most influential in shaping his acting career, he gives credit to his wife, stating that she was the one who finally sat him down and asked him, “what do you really want to do?”. After giving it some thought, Omar decided/realized that he wanted to be an actor. Since then he has been intentional in mastering his craft.

In May of this year, Omar (seen above as Ali) starred in a web series called Kindred, a “dramedy, following the lives of 6 friends as they venture through life’s different experiences and show what it’s like when 90’s babies grow up”.

November 5th, a second project was released, a short film called Unlawful Choices. The trailer for the film can be seen below.

Omar spoke on how he is often cast in more serious roles and stated that he would be up for the challenge of trying out comedic roles. Inspired by actors such as Denzel Washington, Omar views himself as constantly learning, stating that even when you think something has been mastered, there is still more to learn. One of Omar’s dream roles would be to play in a film or series similar to The Walking Dead. With a love of sci fi, fantasy, and adventure (citing two of his favorite movies as The Labyrinth and Willow), I’m sure these genres would come natural for Omar to star in.

Omar noted an admiration for British film and actors, and mentioned that he’s been working on perfecting his British accent. While he wouldn’t do an impression of the accent for me during the interview, I was able to find a clip of a Shakespearean Monologue that he did. It’s clear that Omar is putting in his 10,000 hours to master his craft.

Another area where Omar is putting in time to develop his talents is with music. Years ago, he was a member of a rap group. Today, Omar still enjoys making music, and is perfecting the keyboard. Giving praise and admiration to greats such as D’Angelo and noting influence of artists such Alfa Mist and Moonchild, Omar humbly states that he is not where he should be and has a lot of work to do. However, it’s evident that music is a skill that comes as naturally to Omar as acting.

Rather than living a life of fame, Omar states that he would be happy just being a recognizable face and respected actor in the industry. While we joked that he could be known as “the guy with the beard”, something tells me that Omar will be known for much more. I will definitely be on the lookout for what’s to come with this multi-talented, hard working, dedicated man. Thank you for the inspiration, Omar Bullock, and blessings for your continued success!

-Lilith Rose

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  1. I met omar back in 2012-13 through a mutual friend. We then began working together in sales until this very day. It’s been a real pleasure working side by side with Omar. He’s exceptionally talented (as noted) and extremely funny. While the world witnesses Omar in character with serious/ drama roles, I was certain I would see him star in his first comedy. So It’s interesting to see Omar’s transition which it’s proof of great acting! He’s a great man inside and out. Born a Star Omar, the world WILL know who you are ! Love you my dear friend. Keep shining

  2. I recently cast Omar as the male lead in my short film, No Games, under Lady Ninja Storm Productions. He played opposite my character and I was not disappointed by his performance. Omar is a very talented and gifted actor and we put in many hours of rehearsal in preparation to bring these characters to life. His work ethic, professionalism, and dedication to whatever project he works on is welcomed and appreciated. I wish O much success as I know that there is nothing but greatness and blessings coming his way!

  3. I am so proud of this guy. Omar is like another son to our family. He’s been in our family since he was about 3 years. He and my son are like brothers. Keep up the great work and God bless your career. Luv you

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