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11 Questions w/ Milez

Milez, creator of High Club Productions

1. What are some of your hidden talents?

See I’m not really good at hiding my talents but I like to think I’m good at vocal impersonations and story reenactments and it’s not like I have a list of people I can emulate or anything but if I’m really into a story or talking about an old movie/tv scene, I can spring into it out of nowhere and act it out. It might be okay, it might be perfect, but the enthusiasm is always A1.

2. How did your Caribbean upbringing influence your life today? 

At first growing up it wasn’t easy because we were raised differently, sometimes more strict than the people around me. Looking back at how many values my family instilled in me, they helped protect me from making a lot of mistakes America had set up for black men to fail or fall victim to in this country so I’m grateful for it now. I have family from Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti, Guyana, London, Brooklyn the list goes on so I got to experience a variety of outlooks and ways of life pretty early. I learned the different things that make a culture great and unique. I was taught to always have a level of pride in myself and where I come from and to never allow anyone else to define who I am or who I have the potential to become. Anyone who’s ever been in a Caribbean household knows love is expressed in so many different ways. It’s beautiful and keeps you true to yourself

3. What’s your favorite subject to photograph?

I enjoy taking pictures of people the same way I enjoy taking pictures of buildings or nature. To me it’s not the subject, it’s really like “does this picture reflect real life the way it is currently?”, almost like I’m looking for the truth in the photo. Is this photo believable? Does it take me into its world as a hidden spectator, or is the photo aware that I’m viewing it?

4. How would you describe your sound?

I would describe it as youthful wisdom like knowing a child has all the answers. I like to think it has the power to remind us that complexity and simplicity can exist at the same time. 

5. Who are some of your musical influences? 

Nerd, Pharrell, Nas, Panic at the Disco, a Tribe Called Quest, Biggie, Lauryn Hill, Lupe fiasco, Kid Cudi, Fall Out Boy, Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, The Gorillaz, Buju Banton, Santi Gold – you can find any one of their influences in my music.

6. What’s your favorite quote?

“I know one thing and that is I know nothing” 

7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

“If it’s something you can change, then there’s nothing to worry about. If it’s something you can’t, then there’s nothing to worry about”

8. Would you rather travel to the past to meet your ancestors or the future to meet future generations of your family?
Id rather go to the future because I would be interested in seeing what came of my legacy. There’s more interesting things for me to learn. I already have visions and “flash forwards” of what feels like the future and sometimes even in my dreams so I wanna see if it’s a real place Im building towards or am I imagining a new world similar to this one.

9. What is High Club?
High Club is an idea. It represents Lifting up others using the power of Imagination Creativity and the Belief that anything is possible. Of course it’s a production company where we help artists bring their visions to life visually through photography, videography, even music production, but more than being a service, it’s a lifestyle brand about choosing to live life above the bullshit that holds us down. It’s about creating intentionally to impact the word around us in a positive way, believing in ourselves and our goals and inspiring others to follow their dreams. We don’t believe in gravity so all work is light work. High Club feels like floating. 

10. What is something most people don’t know about you?
People don’t know I got kicked out of high school for getting suspended 42 times one year, got my GED, then dropped out of community college to pursue music full time lol. I believe modern schools are prisons and I just find it funny being successful working for myself now that a lot of what got me here, I learned and got good at while I was suspended. 

11. What do you want to be known for?
I wanna be known for truly grasping and expressing the concept of artistic freedom and the power of individuality. I wanna help humanity realize that we are all imaginary creatures in an imaginary world.

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