Thoughts on Time

Time is an illusion made to force us to live… To encourage us to be active participants in our lives, to exist. Our spirits/our souls have come here in physical form in order to feel. We see, we smell, we taste, we touch because our physical form allows us to do so.

Everything we experience from the moment we arrive is the reason we exist. We fool ourselves into thinking that we are running out of time, or that we have wasted time, or that time has been stolen from us, but time cannot be possessed.

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When we think of time as having a distinct beginning and end, we then limit ourselves, confining the potential of our existence to specific parameters or boundaries. We may say “I want to do this before a certain age”, or “I want to do that before I die”.

Don’t just do this or that, do everything!

That is why we are here. Learn, love, hurt, cry, love, laugh, worry, try, love, feel, win, lose, love, fear, always… choose … love.

If we are here to feel, there is no greater feeling we can know. Not just the physical feeling of when we touch, or kiss, or “make” love. The spiritual feeling when you find another whose energy is in alignment with yours and you innately know that you not only want but need it. You know that in the limitless amount of souls that you have and will encounter, you were destined to meet this one. It was only a matter of “time”.

Photo by Giallo from Pexels

We sometimes purposely avoid or overlook these alignments and connections due to the fear of losing them, but time and alignment cannot be possessed, and therefore cannot be lost. They can only be felt and experienced as a part of one’s existence and journey.

Feel and do everything in this lifetime, not focusing on or worrying about the past or the next. You are here now. Exist, align, and remember that nothing last forever, except time.

-Lilith Rose

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