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Meet Ty Jones

Actor, Model, Photographer

Introducing Ty Jones!

Originally from Plainfield, NJ, Ty currently resides in Richmond, VA where he works as a professional actor, model, and photographer.

Ty has been doing photography since the 9th grade! He recently found a passion for being on the other side of the camera as well.

“I had no aspirations to even THINK about modeling”… until it was recommended by a friend in 2018. Ty speaks of how he got started in his modeling career on the latest episode of Conversations from the Garden of Cree’den.

Acting is another skill and passion of Ty’s that came about somewhat by chance. After seeing the movie Creed (and hearing his favorite rapper Tupac on the soundtrack), Ty decided that he wanted to be in the sequel.

Don’t punch the target. Punch through the target.

– Bruce Lee

Talk about setting high goals! They say if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Ty took his dream and combined it with hard work, dedication, and discipline until he achieved it! In addition to starring in local plays written by Danielle Allen, Ty can be seen on the big screen in Creed II and Harriet.

A lover of music and words, Ty is also a poet! Follow Ty to keep up with his latest creations and to learn about upcoming events where you’ll be able to hear his poetry! I am extremely proud to have this well-rounded and hardworking man as 1/3 of the Curated Connections team. Ty has spoken on various relationship panels and will be sharing his expertise, guidance, and skills through our new matchmaking service. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to fall in love!

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