Herbal Bouquets by Lilith Rose

I’ve been keeping busy as usual and am excited to present my latest project, Herbal Bouquets!

Using some of my favorite floral ingredients, I have carefully curated and crafted with love, four herbal blends offered in tea bags and pre-rolled cigarettes

Each blend has been selected for the combined properties of its herbal ingredients. Enjoy these bouquets as they promote health, relaxation, uplifted mood, and more! Both teas and prerolls are available in quantities of one ½ dozen (6) and one dozen (12). CBD is available as an optional add-in for prerolls.


1. Beautiful Dreamer: Drift off into a tranquil state and enhance your sweet dreams with this blend of Lavender, Chamomile, and Sacred Blue Lotus.

2. Cloud 11: Similar to the feeling of being on “cloud 9”, this blend of Passionflower, Rose, and California Poppy will help to uplift your mood and bring about feelings of peace and relaxation.

3. Inner G: Relax and recharge your positive energy with this blend of Red Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, and White Sage, sure to bring about inner feelings of Greatness. It has also been known to enhance calmness, mental function, and stimulate sexual health/energy.

4. *Lilith’s Rose: This signature is a special blend of all things Lilith Rose. Combining nostalgic Honeysuckle along with Rose, Damiana, White Sage and Lion’s Tail for this Leo queen, this blend produces feelings of love, sensuality, mental clarity, and positive mood/energy. 

*This signature blend costs slightly more due to the amount and cost of herbs included.


All bouquets are sold by the half dozen (1 pack of 6) and come in single blends or a mixed bouquet of blends 1-3. *Signature blend is offered in mixed bouquets for $2 more.

A smaller sampler package is also available with one of each blend.                                                         


Preroll Sampler

Preroll :

$10 – ½ doz $18 – doz

*Signature Preroll :

$12 – ½ doz   $22 – doz

Sampler: Four prerolls – 1 of each blend :



Tea Sampler


$8 – ½ doz    $14- doz

*Signature Blend Tea

$10 – ½ doz   $18 – doz

Sampler: Four tea bags – 1 of each blend :



We encourage consumers to do their own research on the effects and properties of all herbs. Some links to sites with information on the herbs used in our blends have been included below.

Lavender Chamomile Blue Lotus Passionflower Rose California Poppy Red raspberry leaf Damiana White Sage Honeysuckle Lion’s Tail

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