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11 Questions w/ Sick Addiction

Artist: Taijah Re’Nai

From: Long Island, NY

Company: Sick Addiction

Medium: Luxury Cosmetics

1. When did your passion for cosmetic art begin? It began when I was young from a toddler to an adult. I set and played in makeup and did hair. That was my happy place.  

2. What fashion icons or artists have helped to influence your passion and cosmetic style? For fashion icon of course I would have to say June Ambrose omg! Her style is one of a kind! I used to style fashion shows from putting together looks, to telling the MUA how I wanted my models faces, to telling the stylist what look would put it together. I learned from her every move! I mean I was in love back when she was working with puffy! Mannnn she is THE ICON. For artist I would definitely have to say

The Original Queen B, Lil Kim!!! To know me is to know I transform into her lol. She is the illest!

The dopest and the most fearless when it comes to makeup and putting together looks! Her bold hair and bold makeup had me recreating styles and trying to be her!  

3. Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Girl yes! I was selling candy and coloring books in elementary! I was selling sex bracelets and didn’t even wear them in middle school when it was thing. If I could make money doing it I did lol. I’ve been hustling and finding ways to make money by myself my entire life! I’ve always had the gift of gab and could sell literally anything. I guess growing up in New York you’re surrounded by the hustle! You’re surrounded by people making a way and talking so good that you have no choice but to buy it! Once I learned the art it was over! I wanted a lot of stuff and I was blessed to have everything but of course I wanted more and had to make my own money. So I found ways and I haven’t stopped since! But I’m happy to say that now I found a passion and not just a hustle! 

4. How and when did you get the idea to start Sick Addiction? I had the idea to start the company before my name was even thought of. I wanted a makeup line since 2010. Being a stylist, I was always being surrounded by nothing but Caucasian models, and when there was an African American model her makeup was always off! The lip color choice never matched the skin tone! Shopping for makeup before this new variety, there was barely any company that even cared to cater to black women! So I said one day I’m going to create my own line. I finally got off my ass in 2018 and did it! I spent that entire year perfecting my formula and recipes and trying out quality lashes and more. 

Source: Sick Addiction’s IG

5. How did you come up with the name? Ok, so the name came way before I even knew I was going to use it as more than just a username. I was in the living room blowing down and listening to Brother Ye (Kanye west) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I was laying there when Nicki Minajs skit came on ‘Dark Fantasy’! And once I heard

“twisted fiction, sick Addiction. Well gather round children zip it listen!”

I made that my name!!! I said that’s it that’s my mother fu$&@ name! and the thespian in me was so full of joy lol. I knew then that was my name for everything! I literally walked around the house acting it out. I sound just like her when it’s not on lol. 

6. Describe your brand in 3 words? 

Raw, unapologetic and LOUD  

7. Describe your target audience? My target audience are the women and men who don’t conform to society’s ideologies! Who are fearless! Who know who they are or are finding themselves in this thing called life! It’s for the women and the men that let people know that if my presence intimidates you, then let me be louder. Our audience are people who are raw, uncut and unapologetic just like our products! We are Sick Addiction and our products feed every beauty addiction you crave and every bold lifestyle you want to live! We all have a Sick Addiction and I’m just here to feed the ones who love luxury bold products that keep them fiending for more. 

Source: Sick Addiction’s IG

8. I love your inclusivity of offering products to both men and women. Tell me about your decision to market to both #blockgirls and #blockboys.
Thank you so much for noticing that! Listen, some of the hottest and best make up artists and hair stylists I know are men! And when I tell you they put on for the products! Not only that it’s an entire different market than my #BlockGirls. I love drag, I mean obsessed! I was at the drag brunches faithfully every Sunday! This made me have to have some #BlockBoys on my team so we can really see the transformation with my products. Because, I’m sponsoring Rupaul Drag Race one day honey!!!!! The #BlockGirls are marketed because I love women! I love everything about women from their head to their toe!  I wanted to showcase my ladies in my products because I mean they are all just so beautiful! 

9. How do you balance being an entrepreneur and a mom? My village! No other answer than that! I have a strong village and without them this wouldn’t even be possible! I am grateful and I am blessed!! Oh and I cry sometimes too lol that’s normal man it gets a little overwhelming. You just learn how to push through. But night time, I get everything done. I’m always the last one asleep and the first one up because when they’re sleeping, I do work! 

10. What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t wait for a “right time” just do it! Do it scared! Do it broke! Do it hurt! Do it with $50!

Research, research and research I cannot stress this enough! Know your industry! Know your products! Know the history! Know the market so you can learn how to market your product! Always stand out and be as original as you can! It’s great to be inspired but make it yours!! Google and YouTube are your best friend! Get multiple notebooks, have one for each business, and keep your ideas organized. Be consistent and if you need any assistance, I offer one on one business consultations

11. What do you see in the future for Sick Addiction? I see 3 warehouses in LA, NY, VA. I see my products in Ulta, Sephora and being sold all over the world! I see my 8 figures coming! I see sellouts and restocks every other week and I even see what I can’t see but I know it’s there! Lol. Mark my words, Sick Addiction LLC will be a multi billion dollar company for more than just cosmetics. 

Source: Sick Addiction’s IG

Well you heard the woman! Put some respect on Taijah Re’nai and Sick Addiction’s name! She has been working very hard and we cant wait to see all of her dreams come to fruition! Check out the newly relaunched Sick Addiction Site! and Follow Taijah Re’nai on Instagram and Facebook.

Source: Sick Addictions IG

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