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Fall to your Death – UV Scutti

Album: Fall To Your Death – UV Scutti
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Artist, UV Scutti’s sound can be hard to put into one genre. If I had to try, I’d call it “Hardcore Emo Gangster Rap”. Based in Richmond, VA, Scutti explained that he moved around a lot growing up, which contributed to his variety in musical tastes and sounds. “I was definitely influenced by rock”, Scutti stated, as he explained wanting to stay true to himself and his style while making rap music.

His rock influence can be heard in sound and felt in energy throughout his latest album, Fall to your Death.

FTYD is an easy listen with 7 tracks totaling 16 minutes.

“I wanted to make it the perfect length and 7 just stood out to me.”

Scutti discussed his decision making with wanting the album to maintain momentum from start to finish. Conscious of both the aesthetic appeal and the vocal strain that comes from screaming for a whole album, Scutti recalled one of his most recent performances at High Club House

Source: UV Scutti’s IG

“Everyone already knows people are gonna mosh when they hear my music. I know the type of energy it creates… FTYD is the perfect length”.

I 100% agree, as the album definitely gets your energy and momentum going without draining or wearing you out. I’ve listened to it many times, often when I go running in the morning. I don’t know if it’s the shit talking, boss energy from the literal first words of the album…

“I don’t give a fuck, no not about nobody”

UV Scutti – Catch A Body, FTYD

… but as soon as it starts, I’m immediately propelled and maintain a faster speed throughout.

THIS is the energy Scutti was referencing.

Ranging in topics from destructive choices and consequences to real life problems, relationship issues, and the highs and lows of the self and the mind, FTYD takes on us a relatable journey.

“I got money but I ain’t rich…. I got problems that I can’t fix”

UV Scutti- Iight… SO Boom., FTYD
Source: UV Scutti’s IG

Scutti shows a lot of vocal inflection as his tones range from screams to almost hypnotizing chants and before you know it, you’re rapping along to the whole album.

This along with the relatability of the tracks brings depth and empathy to the emotions that he’s expressing. You feel like you’re in his mind frame and reliving experiences while listening.

It’s clear that UV Scutti is an artist who takes his craft seriously. Not wanting his music to be one dimensional, he intentionally considers perspectives other than his own and utilizes empathy when making his music.

In one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Don’t Tell Your Friends, 2020”, Scutti relives an argument from a past relationship. His perspective in the song is from the standpoint of being hurt, but he explained that when he wrote it, he was channeling and expressing the feelings of his partner.

“You sick of all the stressin? Well I’m sick of all the guessin. How the fuck you love me if you out here being reckless. Why you get defensive? Girl I only asked a question.”

UV Scutti – Don’t Tell Your Friends, 2020, FTYD

My hands down favorite song on the album is “13”, feat. 7eaven. An even match for his energy and lyrical prowess, together they bring a type of dark and divine, masculine and feminine energetic presence on this track.


Source: UV Scutti

“Bitch I’m a beast, I worship me”

UV Scutti, 13 – FTYD

FTYD makes you feel a range of emotions. It makes you feel a certain type of energy. Whatever your preferred style of music, it is guaranteed to make you feel… And that’s all we can ask of art.

What’s Next For Scutti?

We’ll have to stay tuned to see. True to his versatility, he’s currently working on a pop album in between fighting the injustices of the world.

Much love, respect, and continued success to you, UV Scutti!

-Lilith Rose

Source: UV Scutti’s IG
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