Death Becomes Her by Lilith Rose

What becomes of the broken hearted?

Do they share the same fate as a dream deferred?

My heart is feelin like a dried up raisin in the sun.

I danced in the fire so of course I got burned.

Felt romance in the fire, for your body I yearned.

Still drawn to the fire,

guess I’ll never learn.

You were my teacher,

toxicology the class.

The way you licked her elixir, I knew that I had passed.

And the way my body felt when you injected your venom,

knew you were poisoning me, but something inside said “let him”.

Needed to feel you…

in your entirety.

I locked in your toxins deep inside of me.

As we became one, merging our energies

knew too much would be fatal.

Bring on the death of me.

Still I needed the poison

to make the remedy.

You bettered me.

… and I still feel you in my veins,

holding on to your memory,

though it makes me feel insane.

You are my poison.

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