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Meaning of 11th Hour

To do something “in the 11th hour” means to do it at the last moment possible. I’ve been a procrastinator for most of my life and can relate. This can be either a curse or a superpower! For me, having a sense of urgency and importance with my work has allowed me to produce some amazing projects. I’ve learned how to apply this “last moment”, “go time” mentality to my craft with organization, planning, and no longer having to wait until the literal last moments for motivation. The passion is the motivation.

Time is an illusion. We believe both that we have all the “time” in the world, and also that “time” can get away from us. I truly believe that if every artist treats their craft as though they are in the 11th Hour, they will realize that it’s always “go time” and give 100% at making their dreams come true. All we have is now.

-Lilith Rose

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