Feeling by Shesdope2oo

Today I feel…

crazy; lazy

I just want to lay here

but I can’t stay here

my mental capacity

thoughts lack tenacity

losing stamina gradually

I have to get up.

So I sat at the end of the bed

looking half past dead

hair wild and a soda in my hand.. at 8 am.

What is this energy?

I’m asking myself but I don’t have an answer.

I feel like I’m under pressure to be better

but I need some motivation.

I need a mental vacation

some warm air and sunshine to embrace it.

I know this… seasonal depression.

When it’s cold and I’m alone I lose something special.

The spark inside, my light that usually shines bright

Now hides behind the clouds.

Suddenly filled with self doubt and insecurity.

I am the one securing me, “get it together” I said. “Get yo

ass out of this bed”, to the bathroom I head.

Lit my pink candle, repeated my aspirations. Took a hot

shower, let go of obligation.

Dedication to myself and my overall health

I let the water run from my mane,

down my frame to my… perfectly painted toes.

Water makes me feel whole… I imagine the ocean.

Such a peaceful space,

I wash my face and I’m ready to take on the day.

Find your happy place, the imagination makes you forget

the pain, helps you heal. Acknowledge how you feel and

address it. Don’t stay there, no stressing.

It’s okay to FEEL but KNOW that life’s a blessing.

– Shesdope2oo

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